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To create and provide ethically developed integrative technology built upon the acclaimed knowledge and experience of worldwide talent and exceeding consumer expectations and needs.


To be the preferred provider of integrative technology worldwide.

Welcome from your HR team, and welcome to your HR Portal where you can access important HR content areas, including 8 links that parallel to your specific learning content. These new areas will become live as you begin a new content area, allowing you to click and open learning resources for that specific content area. Other resources may include interactive media, graphics, and links to things like Career Resources that are real-time resources. A link to the Student Chapter for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is also included to allow you to explore this opportunity if you are not already a member of SHRM – a good way to explore its possibilities. We encourage you to explore all these resources and discover its content – provided to add to your ongoing growth and success.

Some important Features

  • Foundations of Human Resource Management
  • Individual and Organizational Performance Management
  • Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Benefits, Compensation, and Resource Allocation
  • Strategic Positioning and Social Change
  • Global and Cultural Effectiveness
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership
  • Capstone: Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Capstone: Meeting SHRM Competencies